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Training Solutions

From Service Advisor selling skills, to developing a training curriculum for a dealer network, our success is based on successful execution of strategic plans and targeted initiatives.  We are currently working with over 10 automobile manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, luxury and non-luxury, in and out of the continental United States, and each training initiative is specifically designed for the Modern Service Department, and delivered by Service Operations Specialists.

We are the industry leader for Express Service installation in the Modern Service Department, not because we know, but because we can effectively teach, train, and coach our clients.  Our team of experts integrate retail experience and a hands-on approach to ensure training leads to successful implementation. 

For the Dealership, Training Solutions include both classroom and in-dealership initiatives:

  • Express Service Implementation
  • Express Service Management
  • Service Deparment Profitability and Growth
  • Service Manager training
  • Service Advisor training
  • Express Service Technician training
  • Customer Handling and Selling Skills
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention

For the Manufacturer, Training Solutions include:

  • Curriculum development and delivery
  • Fixed Operations field training and mentoring
  • Targeted In-Dealership Training
  • Workshops and Performance Groups
  • Dealer and Manager Business Conferences
  • District, Regional, and National training events
  • Service and Parts Business Expos
  • Strategic and custom training initiatives
    • Express Service Operations
    • Effective Selling
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Service Retention