Service Operations Specialists is unique among automotive planning and training companies. We search out the finest talent looking for specific experience and personal traits to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Our specialists and trainers are not contractors, as with other companies. We carefully recruit, interview, select, and train our staff, all of whom are full-time employees. This ensures their focus is on their specific assignment—not diluted by multiple companies, projects, and concern about finding “the next project.” We conduct regularly scheduled internal training sessions to ensure our staff is focused on the right goals and not straying from objectives.

We also continually monitor changing market conditions to identify trends in manufacturing, consumer demands, legal and political issues, environmental issues, and the influence of changing technology. We realize no business can stand still. In the era of the internet, a new idea has a shelf life of minutes; we conduct many brain-storming sessions to identify new and unique ways to address the rapidly evolving market. It helps keep our ideas fresh and effective.